Geocology has retired

As of January 2017, we're no longer taking on new projects under the Geocology Research banner. But Hugh and Adam are still busy helping organizations with geo and coding stuff. Get in touch:

Hugh - ESSA Technologies - [email protected]

Adam - [email protected]

featured project

1600 wooden drift cards were dropped into the ocean at possible oil spill locations in the Salish Sea. Geocology crafted a map to make reporting a drift card sighting a smooth (and accurate!) experience.


recent projects

about Geocology

what we do

Geocology provides spatial informatics and geodesign capacity to environmental and community organizations that don't have it in-house.

We combine technical skills like GIS, database, and coding with experience in communications and science.

Our goal is to become a shared resource of best practices and repeatable experience that Vancouver and coastal area organizations can collectively draw on.

who we've worked with

We love working with these people. These are awesome people.

who we are

Hugh Stimson

Spatial developer
[email protected]

Hugh started out studying spatial ecology, which led to remote sensing, environmental informatics, complex systems theory, and human geography at various labs in California, Virginia and Michigan. Ontario was home, now it's East Vancouver.

Hugh has been building things with code since grade 5, and has lately been working on web platforms and crafting interactive maps and online interfaces.

Hugh used to like motorcycles and deserts but now likes camper vans and fjords. He has planted over a million trees by hand. True fact.

Adam Valair

GIS programmer
[email protected]

Adam originally hails from Northern British Columbia but now spends most of his time in Vancouver. He is fluent in French and Spanish but his Pig Latin is rusty.

His academic background is in Geography, Computer Science, and GIS.

For work, Adam loves writing programs, especially ones that are geospatial-related. For fun, Adam enjoys sampling hot sauces of the world in search of the hottest sauce on the planet. So far he has managed to keep a few taste buds intact.