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1600 wooden drift cards were dropped into the ocean at possible oil spill locations in the Salish Sea. Geocology crafted a map to make reporting a drift card sighting a smooth (and accurate!) experience.


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Geocology provides GIS and informatics capacity to environmental and community organizations that don't have that capacity in-house.

We combine technical skills like GIS, database and web with background in ecology, outreach, communications and policy.

Our goal is to become a shared resource of best practices and repeatable experience that Vancouver and coastal area organizations can collectively draw on.

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We love working with these people. These are awesome people.

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Hugh Stimson



Hugh studied ecology at the University of Guelph before working in conservation GIS and remote sensing at UC Davis and the Smithsonian Institution.

He combined his interests in ecology, complex systems theory and geospatial methods in a Masters thesis at the University of Michigan studying dryland vegetation patterning.

Hugh used to like motorcycles and deserts but now likes camper vans and fjords. He has planted over a million trees by hand. True fact.

where we are

Lovely Kitsilano in majestic Vancouver.

205-1682 W 7th Ave
Vancouver BC Canada

But it sure would be nice to get back out into the field one of these days.