Radar Tracking Application for Airport Wildlife

for Echotrack Inc
status in development
as of January 2012

Developing a real-time web application to ingest, analyze, visualize and report radar-collected data on wildlife movements in and around airports.

Echotrack Inc. studies bird and bat flight using modified marine radar systems. Echotrack is developing extended capabilities for their systems to monitor avian and other wildlife movements at and around airports, in order to support the work of wildlife control officers.

Geocology is helping Echotrack build the back-end and user interface components of a system which will download real-time data from on-site radars, transform it into a series of three dimensional bird flights, assess those flights to determine if any birds are exhibiting possible problem behaviour based on their species, movements and locations, and map out the resulting tracks and warnings on a highly interactive web interface.

The project is being built using a variety of primarily open source analysis and visualization technologies. We are utilizing the speed and elegance of the new Leaflet web mapping library, the performance and flexibility of the Python programming language, and building on the 3D spatial analysis and robust data storage capacities of the latest releases of the PostgreSQL/PostGIS database.