Coal Export Stories Map

for Dogwood Initiative
with Mindagape Creative
status active
as of June 2014

Dogwood Initiative’s Beyond Coal campaign wanted a way to give voice to people living along the entirety of the train route leading to the proposed new coal export port in Surrey.

Geocology built a map that features video stories from the Powder River Basin to the Fraser delta.

As the Port of Metro Vancouver considers an application to significantly expand coal exports some of those who will be effected will be heard and some won’t. Dogwood Initiative’s Beyond Coal campaign wanted to provide a place where people from along the entirety of the export train route could share their stories. Mindagape Creative created the website to hold the map and receive story submissions. Geocology built a map that would take those stories and share them in a way that highlighted the continuity of concern across the many borders the route crosses.

The website and map are here.

Our map and database:

  • Accepts the names of people’s towns and automatically places them on the map.
  • Adds social media buttons to videos so that individual stories can be shared on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Clusters together markers when there are many stories from one location, and spirals them out when they’re clicked on.
  • Uses YouTube embedding to ensure maximum performance and browser and device compatibility.
  • Can be expanded to use other types of media.
  • Uses a nice basemap that highlights the regional geography through which the train route will pass.

Geocology used a combination of Leaflet.js and CartoDB to build the map, which provides maximum flexibility for controlling the styling and features of the map, while still providing non-technical staff the ability to access, download, and maintain the data behind the map.